More&More Unlimited creates flexible, creative frameworks to help you imagine worlds you want to live in and form a new perspective on today. At the More&More Store, you can purchase our custom playing cards and facilitation materials. We created this project with the idea that imagining different worlds is a first step in creating a better one today.

Our playing cards include evocative scenarios that encourage you to ask "if this is true... what else might be true?" The cards can be used in workshops, icebreakers, conferences, classrooms, parties ... or on your own!

Our Card Decks

We currently offer a few types of decks: 

WHAT IF? bicycle decks include 55 unique scenarios that are quick starting points for imagination or conversation. 


Workshop Decks - are larger (~155) card decks divided into 11 categories + role cards and best used in facilitated workshops or longer play sessions. We encourage players to choose six cards, each from a different category, as a starting point for imagining a world you want to live in. Then, players imagine themselves as a role within that world. Additional detailed facilitation materials (including facilitation scripts and worksheets) are available on request for anyone who has purchased the workshop decks. 

Pricing and Shipping Info

We currently have a few original and WHAT IF? decks on-hand that could arrive within the month, but otherwise expect a 2-month lead time (we're printing quantities based on the # of responses we get within the next few weeks).

Please note pricing is based on the amount of orders we're able to put in at this time. For that reason, the Ecospheric Cosmologies decks are a bit pricier (because they're more niche!).

At this time we're only able to support US-based orders.

Learn More

To learn more about the project or use our free digital decks, visit our website!
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