More&More Futures: ECOSOPHERIC COSMOLOGIES - an eco-centric variation on the original workshop deck.


*Please note - these cards are made-to-order. They will arrive up to 2 months after purchase.

Mythos, friendship, beholdenness. This deck emphasizes the ways our cosmological and somatic perspectives inform the ways humans might live in a multispecies world. Developed in collaboration with Una Chaudhuri.

This deck is a themed version of our original workshop cards. This deck includes 11 categories that describe aspects world (ie: Government, Shared Values, Economic System, as well as categories which are specifically oriented towards nudging human-centered frameworks to ecosystemic). Each card details a unique scenario (for instance, Living Conditions: Everyone Lives in One Building).

The cards can be used in many ways, but we recommend choosing six cards, each from a different category, and using them as a starting point for imagining a world you want to live in!

The deck comes with simple instructions instructions, and facilitation scripts (which include prompts and more detailed reflection questions) for a 90-minute workshop are available on request!

1 Deck of 150 cards in 2-part box.